Jalebi to bring joy to the soul!

IMG_4878-JalebiA sweet delicacy loaded with calories and cherished memories which brings joy to the soul is all about jalebi to me. The alluring loops filled with fine sugar crystals and the festive buoyant texture is darn inviting. The glossy orange texture and the sweet aroma are the two key elements that I adore when it comes to jalebi. I still yearn for those jalebis I used to eat back in my home town. The dramas and drooling, schemes to make my grandma buy them, finally oblivion to my schemes we sneak out to buy them anyway. Snacks loaded with sugar were limited and less frequent back then. Yet I managed to eat them often.

Then age took its toll and reduced ingesting sweet treats to keep the health intact. So the conscious efforts to divert the thought to something light and healthy fill the space. Still the thoughts make me nostalgic…

IMG_4878-JalebiNow, far from home, scarcity increased the demand these days, I guess. Never crossed any thought of making it in own kitchen since jalebis were easily accessible when the cravings kick in. I really felt the void and began looking for options to make it handy whenever I feel the urge to eat jalebis.

So, after many failures, on a whim I decided to dig deep in and try it again lavishly with rich sugar syrup. The consistency and amount of sugar syrup does make a difference. Maneuvering the hands steadily yet deftly is the ruse to get the perfect flower loops. It needs practice. Well, not so much…anything is possible, right.

Happy Easter & Enjoy!


Rinse and soak 1 cup of urad dal for about 1 hour. Grind it with less water to maintain the consistency of the batter, neither thick nor thin. Add a hint of salt and baking soda. Mix well and set aside. Do not let the batter to ferment.

For the sugar syrup: Boil 2 cups of sugar in a cup of water. Turn the heat to low when the syrup turns sort of sticky consistency. Add food color and rose water. The consistency of the sugar syrup defines the overall texture and taste of the jalebi. When it cools down you should be able to feel the fine sugar crystals in the loop and the overall glossy texture.


To squeeze the batter for frying you could use disposable icing bag or Ziploc or ketchup squeeze bottle with nozzle.

Pipe the batter straight into the hot oil – not so hot oil – with little jalebi magic or imagination. First, create two circles for the base. Then guide the batter into the direction to create the jalebi loops, sort of like a flower shape. It tastes darn good with plain yogurt over it. Enjoy!