Hot chocolate mix

I wouldn't  have tried it ever if I didn't run out of ready to mix chocolate powder. Not a big deal, I know, but the thought was so intense. This is the time! Instead of nostalgia, this time though, curiosity kicked in 🙂 When the scarcity and curiosity were on the scene, my instinct had … Continue reading Hot chocolate mix


Quinoa peach pudding

Well, this is my first attempt to try something sweet with quinoa. As things started to flow along, the lack of contrast made me to add some fruits, especially peaches instead of any other fruits. Luckily, I had some extra slices available in the refrigerator and seems to be apt and sort of soft for … Continue reading Quinoa peach pudding

Garlic toast – green gram sunny brunch

A plate full of pleasant ingredients and a hint of happiness - I couldn't ask for more.  Although it was on a whim I decided to fix something quickly for my brunch. As I started adding things together, the requirements kept rising. To get an appealing texture for my brunch - two slices of garlic … Continue reading Garlic toast – green gram sunny brunch

Apple pie

Apples are nature’s own delicious treat straight from the garden and baking an apple pie is simply a pleasure if you love cooking own food and capturing it in digital format. I've another reason as well. My family loves my version of apple pie. When they say, my mama bakes the best pie. Honestly it … Continue reading Apple pie

Rice noodles – String hoppers

The delicious string, also known as idiyappam, is one of the culinary wonders and a widely popular breakfast or dinner item of Southern India. The interesting part I like about it is that these rice noodles can pair with anything from sweet to savory. And my favorite is always sugar and butter. My hubby’s favorite … Continue reading Rice noodles – String hoppers

Beef meatballs with gravy

Everyone has their own version of meatballs recipe. All of them are equally tasty and so darn appealing to the eyes. This variety dish can be served with anything you like or if you wish to eat as is, no problem. It makes the soul happy and content. I know people add different - often … Continue reading Beef meatballs with gravy

Blueberry pie

I have a special connection with blueberries, the cute little purple berries. Its health benefits are the core reason I adore ‘em. In fact I think I’ve comparatively more posts - Blueberry chocolate chip diamonds, Oatmeal blueberry mini loaves, caramel bread pudding, Merry berry smoothie etc., - tagged with blueberries than any others. The more the merrier, pie came along … Continue reading Blueberry pie