Oven baked salmon patties

When it comes to the preparation of this dish, it’s easy to incorporate everything and is uncomplicated as well. Not a strenuous task at all! So the idea of oven baked patties with few simple ingredients took the toll, lavishly complimented with elegant looking yet healthy vegetables and a bed of thinly shredded cabbage was a perfect fit; non-greasy and divinely filling patty with an array of vegetables. Here’s my version of a quick treat for you to enjoy!


Sometimes a dish works well without any particular recipe. In my case, most of the times just like my mom, dishes without names and recipes are plenty.  Often the key factor behind each interesting item is the desire to eat something delicious and unique to the palate, not an everyday item. So I decided to go with my glimpse of memory, my mom’s effervescent energy as well as since I achieved the major hurdles in bringing the colorful vegetables way more closer to the rest of the gang made things easier to prepare a protein portion with an interesting presentation.


2 cups precooked salmon flesh (without any water content in it)
1 cup cooked and mashed potato
½ cup minced & fried onions
¾ tsp ground pepper
¾ tsp dry red chili flakes
Salt to taste


In a medium bowl, mix everything well. Roll a small amount of the mixture and flatten them. I would simply coat in bread crumbs to achieve the flaky and crispier texture. And bake at 350 oven for about 20-25 minutes. Enjoy!