Hello & Welcome!

Clay and the potter, this site is my delight with the company of feast and the fragrance of life, often forms out of nothing and bit of curiosity at times, is the best way to describe 😉

If you’re wondering the true meaning of ‘Ragailia’ – Raga means ‘Passion’ ilia means ’The Lord is God’ It’s such a beautiful combination for a Capri soul, a foodie and a quote junkie at heart!

Well, the cognizant thought of posting raves, recipes and pictures are my way of experiencing pleasure by means of passion. Plethora of tempting food photos out there are the nudge behind the idea. Taking pictures of food I prepare gives me some kind of happiness and satisfaction alike…

When I cook or bake, I do it my way, comfortably bend the rules to fit with my style and capture its beauty with my digital eyes, a treat for my eyes and an inspiration as well 🙂

Hopefully this wondrous small world would bring joy to all the souls it hit, an open door for anyone. 

Thanks for visiting 🙂



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