The ever delicious coriander chicken

Few days ago I happened to eat an ever delicious chicken dish that my mum used to prepare back home. The whole scenario was in fact nostalgic. Every aspects of it took me back to my childhood for some reason. She was a great cook and had an amazing way of incorporating ingredients to make it extra special. Fortunately, I was the one who got to try everything first hand. The only problem was that most the dishes were no name dishes with any recipes.

As I was writing this, the whole idea behind this blog made me proud. I can put names for all those nameless dishes my mother used to make and document it here


So this is my version of coriander chicken. The main difference is that it has more coriander than red chili powder. It’s mild and mellow, easy to pair with steamed rice, lacy pancakes and dinner rolls. Thanks to that vague memory of my mother preparing similar version. Her favorite combos for this dish were appams and steamed rice.


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