Blueberry pie


I have a special connection with blueberries, the cute little purple berries. Its health benefits are the core reason I adore ‘em. In fact I think I’ve comparatively more posts – Blueberry chocolate chip diamondsOatmeal blueberry mini loavescaramel bread puddingMerry berry smoothie etc., – tagged with blueberries than any others. The more the merrier, pie came along as a surprise! Few weeks ago we had a sale event at the block. Someone sponsored blueberry pie – $6 per box. I thought it’s a great price and a great way to get to know the blue pie.  I never had one before which is a shame of course. I don’t know why on earth I admit it here?!


When it comes to pie, the first priority goes to apple pie since it’s the prominent one. And I couldn’t imagine any others as well. May be that’s the reason 🙂

Few days later I received my order in a cute little box, comparatively medium size blueberry pie. It was a pleasant surprise! I never ever thought blueberry pie tastes divinely delicious. It was ridiculously delicate yet firm enough, without any hint of the mixture running out of the shell, and the texture was well balanced so amazingly tasty pie! Instantly I got a good grip of how to prepare one.

Next I knew exactly what items to blend in to bring the goodness out of it. Why not Welch’s wild frozen blueberries. I’m a big fan of Welch’s products! Their frozen fruits rocks!  Here’s my blueberry pie – well, let the photo talk the rest 🙂


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