Green grace on my plate!


This is my not so glamorous  yet etched healthy all over sort weekend meal! Seemingly an elegant combo, it tastes great and make you feel great. Moreover, you feel full and have the high energy to head out to seize the day! 

Glad I captured the photo before I finished it. Capturing images of food I eat has been a favorite routine for me 🙂 You’ve to eat it to feel the satisfaction and happiness alike.  As for this one,  I really didn’t have any intention to post anything about this magic portion. But, as I was scanning my picture folder, a glimpse of green tinge was peeking from far..I thought why not posting it on my little space here.

Spinach is the highlight for sure with just a hint of olive oil, salt and pepper. Egg has a hint of turmeric since it has an amazing medicinal power.  Stir fried baby potatoes are easy to prepare as well. I had a bowl of chicken gravy from the previous night. Just a hint of chicken gravy would enhance the flavor dramatically.

If you think it looks so less for an adult, sorry buddy 😉


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