Good old rice pudding

Rich and silky rice pudding is an ever comforting food. Grown-ups or kids, no matter what age, rice pudding is a pleasant comfort food which is easy to prepare and it digests smoothly.

It all began with overcooked mushy rice resting at the corner waiting for its fate whether to end up neatly at the table or tummy?! As luck would’ve it; the entire quantity got rescued little by little. Who would want to waste food? I never ever entertain the idea of wasting food. I would find a way to save the deal gone bad. A few spoons got the chance to satisfy someone’s sweet cravings as an after meal dessert and so and so… Happy ending! Thanks to my grandmothers!! They used to make me eat sweet porridge when I was little. Nothing fancy yet I loved it so much since I love my grandmothers a lot. I had two pairs of fantastic grandmas. They were the masters of sarcasm and sacred food savers!

IMG-98876 Rice Pudding

So, the idea of adding milk to the mushy rice and then giving it an apt title to categorize as an ever delicious pudding popped in the picture. Normally mushy rice and milk are intended to fill up an infant’s tummy 🙂 But this goes an extra mile for us adults to indulge in some velvety smooth and creamy pudding. Add a hint of butter and sweeten it with little bit of sugar or honey. Add a hint of vanilla. You’ll never go wrong, a darn delicious dessert in a jiffy. The taste and the look were just perfect. I couldn’t find anything wrong. The whiff of delicious fragrance etched something elegant.

That being said, if I sight it at the store, the love of it prompts me to grab one. It’s hard to just ignore the neatly packed delicious ready-made rice pudding displayed at the store shelf!  The small portions are perfect for any time. At the same time, when you prepare it in the comfort of own kitchen, it feels so good! You get to add little bit of this and that while maintaining the warm consistency of the pudding. So here it goes.

Well cooked rice – 1 cup
Milk – 1 cup plus (depends on how you like the consistency)
Water – 1 cup (often less than one cup – adding water avoids the tendency to thickens the overall consistency of the pudding)
Sugar – 4 tbsp (or as per your taste)
Honey – 2 tbsp
Butter – 3 tbsp
Salt – ½ tsp
Vanilla – 1 ½ tsp


Combine all the ingredients except vanilla essence in a 3 quart sauce pan.
Turn the heat from high to medium and frequently stir the mixture to avoid scorching.
Turn off the heat when the mixture is creamy.
Add 1 ½ tsp vanilla. Serve hot or cold with your desired dry or fresh fruits and nuts.
Follow your instincts as well, very important:)


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