Romaine lettuce mint tomato apple salad

IMG_6146-02The picture looks so darn delicious, eh! That’s the reason I decided to post this simple and most frequent salad of all time. The sight of salad to me is like indulging in nature. It always makes me happy and truly satisfied. For an easy access I made it a rule to keep few greens like fresh baby spinach, romaine lettuce, mint, parsley and green onions always ready in the refrigerator. Also, tomatoes for contrast and cucumber to give the crunch and the cooling effect. And apple slices to sweeten and lighten through. Bring everything in a big bowl to experience the joy and beautiful nature so soothing and healthy! Romaine-mint-tomato-apple salad is my all time favorite, very easy to fix it for a quick lunch or at times with snacks such as falafel.

To my Indian mindset salad dressing is just another gravy for the greens. No one make delicious healthy gravies as we do. So, dressing for salad is an easy task. Given the fact that I’ve opted out pre-packed salad dressing, I’ve to tell you how easy to whip up a delicious salad dressing at home. As far as I’m concerned, the pre-packed dressing does not work the way it is intended to be. It contains ingredients only to boost the taste and trigger the troubles. Don’t get me wrong, it depends on person to person. Although I still use all the essential ingredients to balance a delicious salad.


First thing that came to mind is pickled jalapeno. It’s my new found love! The whole thing does wonders to the salad and balances everything. Just a touch of it goes a long way. Hint of heat and the pungent flavor would encourage the eating process as well 🙂 Then a dash and hint of few ingredients such as olive oil, lemon juice, crushed red pepper, ground pepper, pickle juice and honey. For this salad, I haven’t added honey as apple slices would do that job.

Well, romaine mint tomato apple salad is simply a pure joy, a guilt free all season salad I adore and devour 🙂


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