Classic fried chicken

Classic fried chicken - 1

I love fried chicken. In fact that’s my most favorite among poultry dishes. Unfortunately there’s no fried chicken saga in my granny’s journal. I wish I had one to boast about…Rather it was our regular weekend dinner at the diners. Spending a weekend indulging in our favorite crispy, crunchy and juicy fried chicken feast is rather a pure satisfaction and a sort of change. It doesn’t matter where it originated or who invented it. I’m thankful for such a variety to entertain everyone and enlighten the whole concept of flour coating and frying. It also fairly entertains the freedom to enjoy the chicken by our bare hands which makes a pleasant experience 🙂

Yet, it’s not that easy to keep our innate curiosity at bay. The nudge to experiment the process of brining, coating and frying in the comfort of our own kitchen is rather delightful. By now, the variations have crossed all the borders comfortably bending the rules and ruling all taste buds.

My only concern is the skin. First of all, I do not eat chicken skin. Second reason is; the thick grease over the skin is sort of alarming. When it comes to fried chicken, the hint of heavy greasy skin can be dreadful. There is a harmful glitch hidden behind its rich and alluring texture. So I would simply remove the skin. Removing the skin won’t hinder anything, by the way. Cassic fried chicken -2

Meanwhile my quest for a coarser than regular bread crumbs to achieve the distinguished flaky texture was rather rewarding as well. It didn’t take much time or effort. Japanese bread crumbs hit the cart with a hint of hope. A combination of Japanese bread crumbs, rice puffs and flour mixture worked great. A twenty minutes bath in buttermilk satisfies its desire to remain tender and at the same time it helps the flour mixture to adhere to envelop the meat. If you have this recipe handy, a bucket of crispy and tender chicken makes you a big hit 🙂


8-10 piClassic fried chicken - 3eces of skinless chicken ( combination of breasts & thighs)

Butter milk/ ground pepper 1 tbsp/ salt to taste – combine all the listed ingredients along with the chicken pieces. Mix well and keep aside for 15-20 minutes.

For the flour coating – combination of 1 cup all purpose flour/ ¾ cup Japanese bread crumbs/3/4 cup rice puffs

In a medium mixing bowl, beat 2 eggs and keep it aside.

Once you’re ready to fry the chicken and the oil temperature reaches up to 350-375 degree,

give the chicken an egg bath first, and then coat the pieces in the flour mixture nice and dry. And fry in the hot oil for about 20-25 minutes. Enjoy!


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