Mint melon and blueberries

This is what I normally do when the juicy melon find its way to my home. I always marvel at the exquisite beauty of it. It’s simply an elegant snack by its own. Its marvelous and crisp texture is darn inviting. I buy this fruit whenever it’s available at the grocers or from the street vendors.

The advantage of buying from the street vendor is that we get the first hand information about the freshness and stuff. We get a lot of helpful information from them or at times from the fellow buyers as well. That’s the reason I’m attracted to buy fruits and vegetables from the farmers market or the street vendors. They are darn lovely and hardworking people. I admire them. I respect them. That’s how I learned how to choose the perfect melon.

During one of those stroll, there happened to be a huge pile of melons, seemingly smaller in size cute melons. I love smaller size melon since it’s easy to hold and handle as well. So there was a lady happened to be there at the time my hubby was vying to select the perfect melon. She seemed to be pro in selecting the right fruits and vegetables. She extended her knowledge to us as well.  The distinctive dark stripe on the skin is the main clue for a perfectly ripe melon. So ever since we come home only with right and ripe melons.  Mint Melon & Berry
So just for a change from my normal melon melange, I decided to play with those cute cookie cutters. Everything went well and the end result looked fantastic! The delicious and tempting texture and the minty touch was enough. The sweetness from the melon and contrast from the blueberries and the healing aroma from the mint worked hand in hand.  A picture perfect treat! 


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